Premium design DXRacer chair for an average price

DXRacer OH/FH00/NO and DXRacer OH/FH08/NP – Premium design DXRacer chair for an average price

These are the most expensive models of DXRacer Formula series. Without a doubt, they are the most gorgeous chairs that you can buy for such a low price. Their only difference from DXRacer OH/FH11/NC is the cover materials. DXRacer OH/FH00/NO has a smooth carbon look vinyl cover and DXRacer OH/FH08/NP uses a cover made from polyurethane, which imitates leather. The lasts costs about 20 bucks more.

• Combines all pros of other DXRacer Formula Series chairs;
• Looks very good considering its average price.

• Both models still have disadvantages of DXRacer OH/FH00/NO.

These are the best looking DXRacer relaxing models under 350 dollars. However, they do not offer additional functionality, so you can buy a DXRacer OH/FH11/NC on dxracer official page.

DXRacer Classic series chairs – Mid-priced DXRacer models, that are designed for office

DXRacer Classic series products are bigger and more comfortable. They come with an improved built-in headrest pillow and wider backrests and seats. Both the seat and the backrest of the Classic series chairs use a thick and comfortable foam. Moreover, these DXRacer models have a multifunctional control unit, the fully adjustable backrest and the 3D armrests – it means that even the most demanding owners will be able to customize them as they want. There are only two models of DXRacer Classic series chairs.

DXRacer OFFICE CHAIR OH/CE120/NR and DXRacer OFFICE CHAIR OH/CS120/N/FT – The perfect relaxing chairs

These Classic DXRacer models are almost the same, so we will review them at once. dxracer official website – best gaming chair and desk in the world. As you may have noticed, they are more expensive than Formula series chairs, so, of course, they have all their positive features: adjustable armrests, high build quality and amazing design. Additionally, they have better 3” inch polyurethane casters that are much better and stronger than their 2” analogs. Thanks to the exceptionally sturdy aluminum base, both Classic models handle weights up to 240 lbs. (110 kg.).
The only difference between two DXRacer Classic series models is the leg rest in the more expensive one (OFFICE CHAIR OH/CS120/N/FT). It is folded under the seat and does not take up much space. You can unfold it anytime to stretch your legs to their whole length.

• Wonderful DXRacer design;
• Strong aluminum base;
• Big and durable casters;
• DXRacer OFFICE CHAIR OH/CS120/N/FT has a nice leg rest.

• We would like to see a lower price tag.

DXRacer OFFICE CHAIR OH/CS120/N/FT is the best relaxing chair of the DXRacer brand. It is spacious, comfortable and looks amazing. Yes, it cannot offer the level of comfort of ergonomic chairs, but it is definitely worth buying.


Though the majority of DXRacer products are aimed at gamers, there are many good models for regular people. All relaxing chairs, listed in this article, deserve their popularity. Despite the fact that the cheapest DXRacer options have some flaws, they offer one of the best price/quality ratio on the market.
We think that the best relaxing chair is the DXRacer OFFICE CHAIR OH/CS120/N/FT. If you care about your health and spend more than two hours a day in a sitting position – then do not hesitate to buy this DXRacerClassic series model. See also maxnomic chair vs dxracer.

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